A Documentary-Style Film

Executive Produced and Directed by Flory G. Herman, Counsel Emeritus, Adoption STAR, Inc.

Has your family been formed by adoption or touched by adoption in some way? This inspiring film is a MUST for any family touched by adoption or considering adoption.

While the process of adoption has been receiving increasing attention, the feelings of those touched by adoption are often overlooked. This documentary-style film, a 2004 winner of a prestigious Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence (recognized worldwide for quality family/children’s entertainment), features adoptees ranging in age from childhood to adulthood sharing their deepest thoughts and emotions on the adoption experience which has profoundly shaped their lives and those of their loved ones.

Watch the Trailer below


‘Roots and Branches’ “sets a new benchmark in adoption films….Thank you for giving the adoption community this film which will be used to inform and educate all of the parties associated with adoption.
-Rosetta Capper, Editor, Adoption Australia Magazine

Attorney, adoptive Mother Flory Herman’s Film is both encouraging and inspiring. A fine film that made me laugh and cry. What a wonderful dedication to adoption- Thank you Flory for creating this wonderful quality presentation for us all. A wonderful gift for anyone touched by adoption.
-Mardie Caldwell COAP-, Author: Adoption: Your Step by Step Guide, Radio Talk Show Host, Let’s Talk Adoption

Your subject provides a better image to the public and needed too!
-Elayne Blythe, Founder/President Film Advisory Board

‘Roots and Branches’ is warm and intelligent. It held my attention and provided a full stream of factual and emotional information that is not always available or accessible.
-Deanna Talmud, C.S.W.-R