3 Adoption Books to Add to Your Summer Reading List!

Here are some great Tapestry Books titles that will be fantastic additions to your summer reading list!

1) Ithaka by Sarah Saffian
This will be one of your favorite summer reads! Sarah artfully and expertly retells the story of when she was unexpectedly reunited with her biological family as a young woman. Thoughtful and insightful, this thrilling prose will keep your reading chapter after chapter!

2) Three Little Words by Ashley Rhodes-Courter
This book is a Tapestry Books’ favorite! Ashley Rhodes-Courter tells the emotional tale of her life growing up in the foster care system. This book provides a truthful perspective of the foster care system from the perspective of a child. We think this book should be in every family’s adoption library!

3) Confessions of an Adoptive Parent by Mike Berry
This fantastic new book provides great insight into the lives of foster parents as they parent several children of many different backgrounds. Honest and opening, this Berry captivates readers with this fascinating read!

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