April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

In honor of April, the National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Tapestry Books would like to highlight a few books that discuss child abuse in adoption and foster care.

One of these books is the renowned book by Gregory Keck and Regina Kupecky, “Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families.” Although this is a book that Tapestry Books has often highlighted and reviewed in the past few months, it remains to be one of the leading book on adoption, child welfare, and parenting.

This book discusses (in addition to many other topics) how parents are able to heal their children from the hurt they have experienced during the adoption process. This ‘hurt’ can be characterized from the difficulties that arise from being an adoptee to the abuse they might have experienced at some point in their life.

While this is a great book from any family that has adopted or is looking into the adoption journey, it is also a great book for learning how to cope, heal, and overcome the lasting, permanent effects of child abuse.

The second book Tapestry Books would like to highlight is “Child Abuse: What You Need to Know” by Evin M. Daly. While this book only touches upon child abuse in the foster care system and adoption, this is one of the best books in modern literature that can accurately describe and discuss child abuse. From starting off defining what exactly child abuse is, all the way to discussing the ways children can recover and heal from these traumatic experience, this is certainly one book you should read this month.

Both of these books are available for purchase on Tapestry Books. Join Tapestry Books in supporting the National Child Abuse Awareness month