Lori Holden Blog Post: “Dear Abby Misses the Mark on Adoption Question”

In her recent blog post, Lori Holden (author of “The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption”) discusses a response given by advice columnist ‘Dear Abby’ to a young child who is attempting to cope with feelings towards her birthmother. According to Holden, Dear Abby’s response didn’t quite match up to hundreds of pieces of advice that she is known for.

In the original letter to Dear Abby, writer ‘Needs Help in Indiana’ explains that she was adopted as a baby and is now starting to feel angry towards her birthmother and is taking that anger out on her family and friends.

Click here to read Lori Holden’s alternate response to ‘Needs Help in Indiana’s letter, in which she says, “In this world, we don’t need to negate one mother in order to legitimize the other.”


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