Expert Viewpoints: Christine Mitchell


Author and illustrator Christine Mitchell lives in California with her husband and two children. Her younger daughter joined the family at age of four, and was adopted from foster care.

Wanting to celebrate the adoption and reassure her daughter of her permanent place in the family, Ms. Mitchell searched for a special book as an adoption finalization gift. With most children’s adoption books reflecting infant adoptions, she was disappointed by the lack of picture books for children adopted as toddlers or older. Ms. Mitchell was inspired to write and illustrate Welcome Home, Forever Child, which offers children a loving message of reassurance and permanence.

Ms. Mitchell recently completed a guide for parents and educators to assist with school assignments that can be challenging and troubling for adopted children. This project arose after Ms. Mitchell’s older daughter was assigned family-based projects that her younger daughter and many adopted children would be unable to complete.

The author has two other children’s books in progress, both geared towards children adopted beyond infancy. “I have always enjoyed writing and drawing,” says Ms. Mitchell, “but that part of me was put on the back burner for many years. I am thrilled to be using these skills now, to hopefully be of some help to other families along their adoption journeys.”


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