Free Resource – “Infertility – A Personal and Professional Overview Part 1”

Many of the people who decide to grow their families through the wonderful journey of adoption have experienced some type of infertility before their decision. Infertility is nothing to be embarrassed about. Some men and women suffer from problems like varicocele or blocked Fallopian tubes which makes it difficult to conceive. But there are always ways around this to help make the idea of becoming parents a possibility. Even though the option of adoption should not be seen as a ‘back-up’ plan to the other options, the terms infertility and adoption are connected.

In this free article on Tapestry Books, Kathy Crissey, MS, LMHC, discusses her own personal journey with infertility and how her experience led to her family now. Crissey explains that infertility not an easy process for her (or for anyone), and that there were many points in her journey when she began to question her core beliefs, her faith, and whether she would ever become a mother.

In her article, explains what she believes the process of infertility should look like, stating, “Part of any infertility process should also be emotional support and options counseling. Instead, it can be an isolating and lonely road.” Crissey describes that for some people, the concept of never having a biological child is frightening and impossible. It is because of this ideology that the journey through infertility can be incredibly stressful and traumatic. Kathy Crissey explains that the lack of education and resources only makes the journey though infertility and to parenthood more difficult.

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