International Adoption

The Process

Each year over 20,000 foreign-born children are adopted by families in the United States making international adoption a very viable option for prospective parents to  consider. The below selected books aides in the adoption process including progressive steps of paperwork and parent education; making careful choices about an agency and an adoption professional will help ensure a successful outcome, and will help parents learn about the very personal aspect of adoptive parenting.

Suggested Books

The Decision: Transracial or Same Race Adoption

Before deciding to adopt internationally across racial lines, parents need to understand the importance of helping a child “claim” his or her cultural and racial heritage, in a relational, authentic way with others of the ethnicity. Children being raised within a Caucasian family will experience issues with racism; making the decision to adopt transracially involves the parents’ willingness to help the child face these challenges.

Suggested Books

Family Issues in Transracial Adoption

Adoption is a lifetime process. An international adoptee needs to feel supported by his or her family, and family discussions about adoption and racial issues need to updated and revisited on a regular basis. Prospective moms and dads should assess their abilities to be open and flexible, as transracial international adoption requires parents to become educated advocates for their children.

Suggested Books

Quick Facts

  Adoptions ’06 Time Children < 1year Gender Estimated Cost Childcare System
China 6,493 slow 25-49% mostly girls (95%) $20-25,000 orphanage
Russia 3,706 average <25% even $30,000+ orphanage
Korea 1,376 slow >75% more boys (60%) $20-25,000 fostercare
Ethiopia 732 average 25-49% even $15-20,000 orphanage
Haiti 309 average <25% even $15-20,000 orphanage
Vietnam 163 fast 50-75% more girls (60%) $20-28,000 orphanage

Adoption information on sending countries changes frequently, please verify.