New Tapestry Book!

Joanne Sayre’s book My Secret is now available on Tapestry Books! Find out more from Joanne below!

“My name is Joanne Sayre and I am the author of My Secret. I live in Carroll County, Maryland, with my husband and our English Springer, Jazzy. We are officially empty nesters, left behind by our 3 adult children to find their way in the world. This is a good thing.

I have been teaching piano for 30 years and maintain a private studio in our home. Although I am experienced in composition, My Secret is my first venture into the literary arena.

What if you found out that you were adopted and everything you thought you knew about your family, your security, was shattered? My Secret is about my 40 quest for truth about who I am. But, more than that, this story is about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles to achieve a goal.

My book begins when I was 7 and my 10 year-old male cousin proclaimed, “I don’t have to be nice to you ‘cause you’re really not my cousin anyways. You’re ADOPTED.” I confronted my narcissistic mother with my revelation and she became furious. I soon learned that I was different, less than, and not to speak of it again. I was born in 1952 and began my search in 1973 when I turned 21.

The hospital in Philadelphia, PA, where I was born was torn down and all birth records before 1964 destroyed. I have no original birth certificate on file. There were rumors, innuendos, false leads and small steps forward and backward.

Writing down the experiences of my search was very difficult for me. I am a person that likes to get to the point without all of the fine minutia. However, in order to do justice to my journey I needed to reveal the sometimes unattractive workings of my life for all to see.

My odyssey lasted 40 years. I often found myself discouraged, but never gave up. The truth was that important to me.”

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