The November 7th Adoption Book of the Day!

The Nation Adoption Awareness Month Adoption Book of the Day is “Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong: Strategies for Success” by Gregory C. Keck and L. Gianforte.

This is the last book Gregory Keck wrote before his passing and, arguably, it is the best one yet. This book is an accumulation of his previous work on the subject of attachment and adoption. This book acts as a guide for families parenting children who went through the foster care system and offers took for parenting children of various attachment issues.

Published in May 2015, this book is a phenomenal resource for adoptive families. “A willingness to address the not-so-easy, didn’t-see-that-coming aspects of adoption is the first step toward building a strong family. A valuable resource for parents and professionals, this book provides useful strategies for facing the challenges posed by adopted children. The inclusion of real stories from real people adds heart and encouragement, offering hope for the future of the entire family.”

To get a copy of “Keeping Your Adoptive Family Strong” for yourself, click here!