Book Review – Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother

While it is true that the adoption process is simply another way to start and grow a family, to say that it is completely equal with having a biological child is inaccurate. The truth is that for many adoptive parents, adoption is a traumatic and grief-worthy experience that affects families in completely different ways than . This is the idea that author Jana Wolff touches upon in her book, “Secret Thoughts of an Adoptive Mother.

Wolff bases this book off of her own experiences as she went through infertility treatments, making the decision to adopt, and ultimately adopting a child. As the title indicates, this book is an anthology of the ‘secret’ thoughts of an adoptive mother. These are the thoughts and questions that people who are looking to adopt have and feel, but most books on adoption do not include. This book is the first and still one of the only books that addresses these very important feelings.

Wolff explains that the decision to adopt was not something she and her husband had planned on, as she writes, “It never occurred to me that I could be healthy, active, successful, happy, and infertile.” When the decision did come to adopt, it did not come easy. Wolff writes that she and her husband had already had a preconceived idea of their child, a black haired, green-eyed, olive-skinned girl with a perfect combination of both of their traits. Jana found this idea hard to let go of to her.

If you are starting the process of adopting or if you are even just considering it, this is the perfect book for you. It is unlike the majority of other books in adoption literature as it addresses the questions that many books and authors are too afraid to say.

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