‘Sam’s Sister’ by Juliet C. Bond

Speaking about adoption with young children is a difficult (yet necessary) task. In the realm of adoption literature, there are many books that discuss exactly how to bring up the subject. Some books, such as “All About Adoption” or “Lucy’s Family Tree”, are even written to be a starting point for speaking with children about adoption. However, these books are all intended for the adoptive parent and adoptee sides of the adoption triad. Despite this, there is one book that is written for expectant and birth families.

Sam’s Sister by Juliet C. Bond is a children’s adoption book that is told from the perspective of Rosa, a five-year-old girl. When her mother becomes pregnant with a baby boy, Rosa first begins to learn about adoption. After a lot of worry and difficult thinking, Rosa’s mother explains to her that even though this baby boy is growing inside her, when he is born, we will live with another family. Her mother describes to her that this decision does not change that Rosa is the baby’s sister or how much they love the baby.

In addition to starting a conversation about adoption for expectant families, this book also discusses the processes of open adoption from a birth family’s perspective. When baby Sam is born and he is placed in the loving care of Sarah and Joe, they call and they send pictures and letters often.

Sam’s Sister is an amazing and unique book that is an irreplaceable resource for an expectant family during the adoption process. You can order this book on Tapestry Books by clicking here!