Free Ebook – International Adoption of a Preschool Child”

The ebook, “International Adoption of a Preschool Child: 100 Parenting Tips for Your Child’s First Year” will be available free for download through Kindle on the following dates: March 6 and 7; April 17,18, and 19, 2015.

The author, Virginia Benner, is an adoptive mother to two children from Korea adopted at ages 4 and 8 years. Throughout her professional career she was a Registered Nurse who also taught parenting classes and conducted a variety of support groups, including an infertility support group.

Her personal and work experiences lead us to believe that the the book might be a valuable addition to your resources as adoptive or prospective adoptive parents.

If you decide to read the book we could love to hear your thoughts, so please send us your comments to