From the Author of “Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish…Daily Devotions for Adoptive and Birth Parents”

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“This is the most important book I’ve ever written!
It brings hope, help, perspective, and truth in daily doses for adoptive and birth parents.
Here’s how the book was born!
We all know that adoptive and birth parents must practice self-care on a daily basis in order to offer whole-hearted parenting to their children.

However, self-care is often overlooked. There’s no time for such a luxury while packing lunches, waiting in carpool lanes, helping with homework, or scouring the city for the best trauma therapist.

What if there was a small book designed to meet these unique needs? A book:
• Containing short and to-the-point daily readings (125 words)
• Offering perspective on adoption challenges and applicable Truth
• Making parent self-care digital and convenient (I-phone, Kindle)
• Giving you a beautiful, small hardback to carry in purse, backpack
• Inspiring you to use monthly metaphors for family discussions and crafts

Having seen the need of parents, I dreamed of writing this book! My research revealed that there is nothing. I was appalled, but also determined!The use of metaphors is so powerful, and so I chose 12 (one for each month) for chapter titles and content.

The twelve metaphors are:
The Beautiful Braid of Adoption…The Big Picture of Adoption
The Grafted Tree…Dynamics of Adoption and Identity
The Adoptee’s Dance…Getting Creative With Special Needs
The Pearl of Intimacy…Developing Give-and-Take Relationships
Sandcastles of the Heart…Adoptees’ Fantasies About Birth Parents
The Red Lizard…Resolving Anger Issues
Adoptee Right of Passage…Flip Side of the Profound Wound
Boy and Butterfly…Struggles Are Essential for Growth
Jewels in His Pocket…Establishing Self-Worth
The Good Shepherd…God’s Pursuing Love and Care
Child of the King…Establishing Unshakeable Identity
On Eagles’ Wings…Overcoming a Painful Past

My literary agent, Rita Rosenkranz, advised that I write a book proposal. Much to my surprise, New Hope Publishers made an offer.

The title would echo my brand—Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish…Daily Devotions for Adoptive and Birth Parents.
Together with HMHB, we created a unique niche: a devotional for both adoptive and birth parents.”

– Sherrie Eldridge