Hear from the author of this great new children’s book!

What I Do Know” by Lori Schlecht is a children’s book about adoption. Hear from the author, Lori, herself below!

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What I Do Know is a book that speaks from a parent’s heart to their adopted child. It is honest and heartfelt with glimpses of wonder, but most importantly of unconditional love, promise, and hope. The book’s repetition of “I don’t know” and “I do know” create a flow to the story and will stir up thoughts and conversations with the reader. Parents can share honestly with their children, while also giving them glimmers of security and the love that bonds them. The format of this book will portray that. This book also seeks to represent throughout its pages the beauty of different family styles and ethnicities. The illustrator, D.C. Ice, beautifully has created diverse families with her beautiful, warm and whimsical illustrations.”

About Lori:
Lori Schlecht and her husband live in Sartell, MN with their four children and two dogs. After their two daughters were born, they were led to adopt their Haitian born sons. Their youngest son was adopted when he was 18 months. While she was watching TLC’s show, A Baby Story, she was brought to tears as she realized that she did not know her son’s birth story. It was this moment that the words for What I Do Know were inspired. There may be many things that she did not know, but so many more beautiful things that were in her heart. There were so many things she did know and could promise her sweet son. Years later another trip to Haiti led her to meet her second son, a 12 year old boy who had grown up in the same orphanage as her first son. After the horrific earthquake in Haiti, he was welcomed home to his forever family and completed the Schlecht family. It took 10 years for Lori to finally publish this book, but hopes that its message speaks to many different families that have been blessed by adoption and blended families. Lori has since worked with the non-profit, Kozefo, who has started a school in the building that was once the orphanage of her sons in Port au Prince, Haiti. A portion of the sale of this book will benefit the students and teachers at that school that provides education, hope, food, and support to the families in that community.