I Have Roots and Branches

Tapestry Books makes it easy to own this wonderful documentary, a worthy addition to any adoptive family’s DVD collection.


“I Have Roots and Branches” is particularly valuable for prospective and current adoptive parents because it features adoptees of varying ages describing first-hand how it feels to have been adopted. The commentary from the adoptees provides insight into the common experiences that they’ve had growing up in their homes, surrounded by the families they know and love. The film conveys a positive, encouraging and honest message about adoption.

The film also has great potential value for adoptees….especially children. There is no doubt that adopted children who are in the midst of contemplating their personal journey will have their feelings about adoption validated as they see and hear from the adoptees featured in the film.


Tapestry Books, the premier literary and multimedia resource for adoptive families, birth families, adoptees and adoption professionals, is happy to announce that they are now selling “I Have Roots and Branches” via their website. A link to the page is below (where you can go to learn more about the film, read testimonials/reviews, view the movie trailer, or order the DVD itself):

I Have Roots and Branches DVD: