“Inside Transracial Adoption” by Gail Steinberg & Beth Hall

One of the first things that caught my eye about “Inside Transracial Adoption Adption” by Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg was that when I was reading the short synopsis on the inside cover of the book reads, “If a book could realistically carry a thirty-odd word title, then this book’s might be something like How to Get to the Place Where It Feels Almost Fun to Let People Wonder How You and Your Kids Could So Clearly Belong to One Another When You Look So Different!” This statement definitely makes a point about how the overall tone of the rest of the book is: an educated and straightforward approach to a very serious topic. Authors Beth Hall and Gail Steinberg have created a unique book that explains the importance of race and the effect it has on children who had been transracially adopted.

The book, itself, is broken up into six different sections, each one discussing an aspect or effect of transracial adoption. One of the most profound sections of the book is entitled “Through Development’s Lens”. This section is dedicated specifically to the impact race and heritage have on children during each developmental stage. This section also includes a page called ‘Experts Speak Out’, in which adoptees, teachers, adoptive parents, and social workers share their experiences that they have had surrounding race.

One thing to take note of about this book is that it was first written and published in 2000. Because of this, they have been some criticisms from readers that this book his focused on Caucasian parents who adopt non-Caucasian children. Nevertheless, the book has received great responses from readers regarding its expert opinion pages and the overall information in the book.

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