Tapestry Books Free Resources – “The Conundrum of Age Assignment for Children Adopted Abroad”

Tapestry Books is a great website for purchasing adoption and parenting related books and materials! However, Tapestry Books also offers wonderful free resources from professionals in the field of adoption.


One of these free resources is an article written by Dr. Jane Aronson titled, “The Conundrum of Age Assignment for Children Adopted Abroad“. Dr. Aronson is a pediatrician, an adoption medicine specialist, and the founded and CEO of Worldwide Orphans, a non-profit organization that provides direct services to orphans and at-risk children in Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Haiti, Serbia and Vietnam.

In her article, Dr. Aronson discusses the difficulty many professionals face when they must determine the age of child. This article is not meant to scare readers about this “conundrum”, but rather educate those interested in international adoption about this often unspoken issue. Aronson provides great information on how professionals in foreign countries determine the ages of children and offers suggestions on this affects life with the child post adoption.

This free article is a great resource for anyone who is pursuing or thinking about pursuing international adoption. Read “The Conundrum of Age Assignment for Children Adopted Abroad” by clicking on the link!