Introducing: ‘Two Peas in a Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption’

Recently added to Tapestry Books, “Two Peas in a Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption” by Jeannie Lachman and Carole Sanguedolce tells the story of two sisters who were separated at birth, but discovered each other later in life.

Hear from the author Jeannie Lachman below!

‘My name is Jeannie Lachman. I have co authored a book with my birth sister Carole, ‘Two Peas In A Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption.’ We think our book will inspire adoptees thinking about searching for their birth parents and all adoptees in the process of reuniting. We feel that even if you are not in the adoption world this book will keep your interest.

Carole and I decided that since we didn’t grow up together and didn’t really know anything about our past lives we would write it down. We liked what we saw and decided to continue writing about meeting each other and events following. This is how our book was born. We felt this book will help adoptees that can relate to all of the feeling of uncertainty and the unknown.

Here is a brief synopsis of our book:

Two Peas in a Separated Pod‘ is a true story. Take a journey with two women on the road to discoveries and realizations.

Jeannie and Carole write about their lives growing up. Each is unaware of the other. Jeannie is raised in the Bronx, New York. She grows up knowing that she is adopted and loved, feels connected, yet there is a void. Carole grows up an only child in a small rural community in northern Ontario, Canada.

The book is written in each woman’s version of events. After years of searching Jeannie discovers who her birth mother is and makes contact. She wonders if she is doing the right thing by disrupting other people’s lives. Carole is shocked to learn she has a sister but stands by her mothers side. The two families meet and relationships develop quickly. There is still a lingering question…Who is Jeannie’s birth father? Jeannie tries desperately to get information on her birth father but it seems to be a taboo subject. Even on her deathbed her birth mother is unwilling to reveal who he is. While visiting her mom in the hospital Carole stumbles on a key clue. It seemed that fate intervened. With this discovery Carole must choose whether to keep the secret that has stayed hidden for so many years or tell Jeannie who her father is. The decision Carole makes reflects the true bonds of sisterhood.”

Two Peas in a Separated Pod: A True Story of Adoption‘ is now available on Tapestry Books! Click here to learn more!