Birth Fathers and Adoption Literature

Earlier this week, Tapestry Books Resource Associate Chris Fancher came across an article on the America Adopts! website called “An Adoptive Father’s Letter to His Son’s Birthfather.” The author of this article, Noah, an adoptive father, writes in a few short paragraphs how his son’s birthfather plays an important role in the life of their family. Here is a link to the article.

This article brings to mind the different resources that exist today for birthfathers in adoption. One of the most prevalent resources is the book “Birth Fathers and their Adoption Experiences” by Gary Clapton. This book is the first book of its kind to provide experiences of adoption through a birthfather’s perspective.

It is through Clapton’s work with 30 birthfathers and the information that he gathered from them that makes this book so worthwhile. Clapton is able to describe the unique feelings and thoughts birthfathers experience during adoption.

In a world where, “Previous birth parent research has focused almost exclusively on the mother,” (page 14) this book starts the discussion on birth father research and opens up the realm of adoption literature for books focused on birthfathers.

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