New Addition: ‘Detective Punybutmighty and the Case of the Drool Monster”

Here is a new children’s book that was recently added to Tapestry Books. “Detective Punybutmighty and the Case of the Drool Monster” by Cheri Partain was published in February 2015 and is a great new resource for parents of young children to use when explaining adoption.

Below is what author Cheri Partain would like you know:

“One of my many roles at Boys & Girls Aid, where I work as an adoption clinician, is that of a trainer. Over the years, I have helped provide numerous trainings to prospective families as well as other professionals in the field. At one such training, a young couple asked me if I knew of any children’s books they could share with their nieces and nephews to help explain their decision to become parents through adoption. I did some research for them and couldn’t find the right book to meet their needs. I had been writing short essays for a while and had dreamed of writing a children’s book at some point in the future. I immediately knew I needed to write this book. After spending more than 15 years in the field, I had a lot of knowledge to share and having young kids myself, I had some ideas about how to speak to a young audience.

The title Detective Punybutmighty came to me because being “mighty,” isn’t what gets things done in life; being curious, smart and keeping your sense of humor when things get challenging, is what does. In my experience, nothing makes a child listen better than humor! If I am trying to have a difficult conversation with one of my children at the dinner table and I can insert a little humor, I immediately have their attention. Additionally, as a parent who reads to my kids regularly, I would much rather read a book with some humor than one that presents the information in a dry, factual matter. If my goal is to keep the topic of adoption open, I’ve got to make it accessible to not just the kids, but to the adults who are reading to them.

I hope this book will allow families to explain the topic of adoption to young people in a way that captures their attention and encourages their acceptance of the growing ways families are created. There are many more adoption-related topics this character will explore in future books, so I hope this one leaves them curious for more! Children ask the best questions, and my hope is to give them the thoughtful answers they deserve. Finally, I hope that educators will use this book in their classrooms as a way to bring more inclusivity into their teaching environment.”

Detective Punybutmighty and the Case of the Drool Monster” is available on Tapestry Books! Click here to learn more!