November 6th Adoption Book of the Day – “Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow”

The Adoption Book of the Day for today is “Parenting the Hurt Child: Helping Adoptive Families Heal and Grow” by Gregory C. Keck, PhD., and Regina Kupecky, LSW. Thank you Michele Fried, founder and CEO of Adoption STAR, for this great description and review!


Dr. Foster Cline introduces this book as not simply a parenting book, but “a tragedy prevention resource.” That initially frightened me but nonetheless I read it and I am glad I did. Actually, I not only read it but I return to it. The concept is simple, but simplicity in parenthood is sometimes clouded by others reactions and judgments. While this book is focused on older child adoption, I feel all adoptive parents and professionals should read it. I was reminded that as parents we have the right to parent and that we must claim our children and move into the parenting role immediately. I was reminded that, “children and adolescents are never too old to have or to get, parents.” I think we should read that quote everyday. And finally, by favorite line, “Claim your child, so you can teach him to claim you.” In my opinion that is what the entire book is about. Our children, especially those who have been hurt, don’t always attach to the adults in their lives ~ this book describes the role parents should take.

If you are interested in reading,“Parenting the Hurt Child”, you can order the book at Tapestry Books!

Also, Regina Kupecky, the co-author of the book, will be presenting a workshop on Parenting the Hurt Child in Mid-November in the Buffalo area. Please download the flyer here for more information!