Perspectives on “Perspectives on a Grafted Tree”

On Tapestry Books and in the realm of adoption literature, there are hundreds of books that help explain and facilitate the adoption process in factual and technical ways. While these books are extremely beneficial, straightforward, and should not be taken for granted, they do fall short of connecting with the readers on a more personal level. There are, however, books that are able to relate to readers.

One of these books is “Perspectives on a Grafted Tree: Thoughts for those touched by adoption” compiled by Patricia Irwin Johnston. Johnston, herself, is renowned in the adoption literature world for her books: “Adoption is a Family Affair”, “Adopting After Infertility”, and “Adopting: Sound Choices, Strong Families.” This book serves as an anthology for adoption-related poems written by those touched by adoption for those touched by adoption.

Johnston breaks the book up into eight different sections which all cover various stages of the adoption journey by all members of the adoption triad. In the section “Beginnings and Endings”, in his poem entitled “Adoptive Father”, Bill Thompson writes,

“Most men never have to bother,
But I need approval to be a father.”

This poem, like many others, discusses the emotions adoptive parents experience at the beginning stages of their adoption journey.

Any member of the adoption triad can easily start to read the 65 poems in “Perspectives on a Grafted Tree” and be able to relate with what is written. It is because of this reason why this book is not only an amazing gift for adoptees, adoptive parents, and birthparents, but it is also holds extremely beneficial insight for anyone that has been, or will be, touched by adoption.

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